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Your Fedora wallet can securely Tip, Pay and Receive Tips coin with some of the fastest network times around. Securely hold your Tips in a wallet that enjoys state of the art security.

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Tips is traded at Altilly.com, Coinexchange.io, Gate.io & Novaexchange.com.

Fedora Gold Evolution - the Details

New Features for a New Tips

Fedora Gold is launching in late September. We will officially join the CryptoNote family, with the creation of the Fedora Gold - the FED coin. Fedora Gold will be based on the CryptoNote protocol and use a highly customised CryptoNight V7 mining algorithm. This is key to our goals of increasing the value and reach of Fedora, enhancing the tech fundamentals and providing a foundation for future development. Existing Tips holders will be AirDropped Fedora Gold at Altilly, Coinexchange and Novaexchange. The new FED coin tech supports the Fedora roadmap use cases that are essential for a state of the art crypto-currency:

  • Fully private transactions
  • Smart contract capability
  • Fast wallets for all major platforms
  • ASIC Resistant Mining - CPU based CryptonightTIPS algorithm (based on CN7)
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We need a technology that supports our roadmap use cases, like privacy, smart contracts and more. New Tips comes with these features out of the box!

Mining should be for everyone, using ordinary machines. After the swap, only personal desktop mining will be possible - no more ASIC

Tips is 98% mined at the end of chain - Action is needed, let's improve Tips at the same time!


Sep: Communication & Marketing of drop, Fedora Community outreach

Mid Oct: AirDrop Fedora Gold at Altilly, Coinexchange (Gate currently in discussion)

Late Oct/Nov: New Wallets! Win/Mac/Linux versions for new Tips, Fedora Gold (FED coin) live & trading across all original exchanges


How do you take part?
If your Tips are on exchange - nothing - the AirDrop is automated.

AirDrop Ratio - 50:1 (TIPS:FED)

Algorithm - CryptoNight7 (Tips enhanced version)

Mine using your everyday PC with the new Tips algorithm

Premine and Supply Considerations

Before the launch, the project team will premine 20% of the maximum possible supply, or 20 billion Fedora Gold FED coins. This premined amount will be used for a several purposes, to support both the AirDrop and ongoing work:

  • 10 billion to cover all possible swap amounts needed
  • 10 billion for future development, marketing & airdrops*

This leaves 80 billion FED coins un-mined and available to the Fedora community for PC based mining . It is planned that the unused coins that do not get AirDropped be burned one month after the relaunch is complete.

*The 10B coins allocated to the project are broken down by:

  • Airdrops/Community: 2 billion
  • Partnerships/Marketing/Commercial & Listing Fees: 3 billion
  • Development: 5 billion

The Development funds are to support the current and future costs of building the Fedora roadmap, which up until now have been carried out on a voluntary basis. 80% of the development funds will be placed in ESCROW and will begin to vest Apr 2019, completing this process in Oct 2019.


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